Do not be scared, there is a possibility that you have not been bald

Some people sometimes say it is dramatic. However, it is dramatic to think that most women and men lose more hair than normal. For women, our hair is considered as our crown and glory. For men, a full hair will be your “phone card”. When the bathtub drain tube begins to look like a small furry monster emerges, you may have cause for concern. Please, do not panic.

Not all waxing is bald. Twice more than in my life, I noticed that I was losing more hair than the normal amount. But two emergency visits to my dermatologist revealed that I did not go bald.

What is the cause of temporary hair loss? When experiencing hair loss for the first time, it was related to stress. Too many important changes in life at the same time, combined with the adjustment to contraceptives in my body, resulted in excessive hair loss. The correction was easy: my body will be adjusted and balanced over time. The doctor showed that there was nothing to worry about because he was having new hair growth all the time. (The new hair growth is that thin hair that you see sprouting from your scalp!) He was right. Within the next week my hair removal returned to normal.

The second episode of hair removal is caused by the decrease in calories in approximately 2 months after years. This was another simple solution. My dermatologist recommended total daily vitamin supplements with 1000 mcg of biotin. He told me it would take about a month to start. It worked

The point is not scared. The regular loss of hair is 150 to 200 hairs per day. Do it little by little. If you know more than the normal amount of hair in your brush or shower drain, consult a dermatologist. By blood test you must be able to detect the culprit. There are many temporary causes for hair loss that can be treated. Some causes of temporary hair loss are severe stress, recent weight loss, iron deficiency and thyroid problems. It is also interesting to observe the three areas where a real deficiency of biotin can occur. There are (1) prolonged use of anticonvulsant medications, (2) prolonged use of oral antibiotics, and (3) prolonged ingestion of raw egg white.

I am still taking biotin for several years. My hair is very thick, shiny and healthy. People are paying attention to how healthy my hair and my skin looks. There is no secret here. Biotin has also been shown to be useful for the skin and nails. Therefore, all credit is also known as vitamins of the family “B”, “vitamin” “H” or “vitamin” B7 “”. Sometimes it is also called coenzyme “R”. It is also known that this vitamin plays an important role in relieving depression and can improve the control of blood sugar in diabetic patients.

The USDA recommends an adequate intake (Al) of 30 mcg for adults over 19 years of age. Infants women of 35 mcg. Since pregnancy can lower the level of biotin, mothers may need additional doses. Biotin is a water-soluble and non-toxic vitamin. No side effects are known, even at high doses of 2,500 mcg (treatment for specific conditions). However, it is always prudent to consult with your personal physician to make sure that high concentrations of biotin do not interfere with your specific health condition or medication. If you want more information, I want to read your study on biotin found in dietary intake standards for thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, biotin. We encourage you to go to the “National Library of Agriculture” of the USDA and to Choline (1998), Chapter 11 Biotina. That research is attractive.

Remember to enrich your meal every day with foods rich in biotin. Among foods that contain more biotin, there is cooked egg yolk, liver, yeast, beef, chicken, peanuts, oats, nuts, peas, brown rice, etc.

My last word is not panic. Many of us will wax several times in our lives for several reasons. In many cases, it is not permanent. Do not forget to see a dermatologist. He may be able to solve your problem. As in my case, it can even prescribe biotin, and those little furry monsters disappear.

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