Hair Loss Treatments and update surgical

Hair Removal Therapy is defined as a clinical method or clinical procedure for hair restoration and hair regrowth if you have problems with hair loss or hair loss.
The hair removal treatment can be divided into three broad categories.

Hair loss, Propecia, Rogaine, Abodato, Nizolar treatment o
Hair Transplant
o Non-surgical capillary replacement

Medical treatment for the treatment of hair loss
Propecia and Rogaine are two FDA-approved drugs for the treatment of hair loss. Propecia is a pill and Rogaine is a local lotion that can be used with different strengths.

Propecia is an oral pill of 1 mg, used once a day. Chemically, it is an enzyme inhibitor that inhibits the enzyme 5-α reductase that converts testosterone to dihydroxytestosterone (DHT), which eventually leads to thinning, thinning and thinning of the hair at each cycle. We will stop growing. Propecia blocks this enzyme, maintains the existing hair and promotes the regrowth of the hair follicle. It also converts fine hair into thick hair, improving texture.

Rogaine is a local lotion that can be used with a 5% strength solution in the normal to special force range. It is used to treat men and women. It improves the content of the hair protein, which allows the hair follicles to create new hair. It is considered an agent with high tritium content. Rogaine has been discovered for the first time as a side effect of antihypertensive drugs. It has also been studied to treat hair loss, which has proven to be an effective treatment for hair loss.

Abodato and Nizoraru
Avodart and Nizoral are two products that show effective results in the treatment of hair loss, but they are not approved by the FDA. The doctor recommends using these drugs for at least 6 to 8 months. Short-term treatment is not effective in effectively solving the problem.

Hair Transplant
Hair transplantation is a surgical method to treat hair loss and baldness. The doctor will redistribute the hair from the thick part to the stretching part. The graft is performed under local anesthesia. Minimal pain has been reported during surgery.

Procedure for hair transplant

* The scalp is thoroughly cleaned.
* Part of normal hair growth is anesthetized with a small needle. Then, remove the scalp part of the hair with a scalpel and save it for the next step. Then the scalp is properly sewn to close.
* The next step is to remove the scalp from each hair with a sharp blade and a magnifying glass.
* The final step is to clean and prepare the parts of the scalp that need healthy grafting. The scalp in this area is anesthetized with a small needle, a very fine hole is pierced in the scalp and healthy hair is carefully transplanted into these holes. Hundreds of thousands of hair have been successfully grafted while sitting alone.

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