Hair problems and solutions in Summer

The first base of hair in the summer is the protection against the harmful rays of the sun. The sun can dry your hair, fading and keep your hair fragile and uncontrollable. Use UV protection to prevent damaging rays from entering and protecting your hair. Remember that your hair is affected by the sun every day, not only when you are lying in the pool or on the beach, so you have to use an ultraviolet protection product all the time.

It may also be necessary to add a moisturizing treatment to your hair care routine. Try a little moisturizer once or twice a week instead of mixing. For a very strong increase in humidity, visit your stylist for a moisture treatment in the salon.

Swimming can be worse than your hair. Salt water can leave your hair dry and fragile, and chlorine is an aggressive chemical that makes water hard and causes a remarkable dryness of the hair. Rinse your hair with fresh water after swimming and, if you can, reapply the UV protection product.

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, the cover provides the best protection.

Summer hair problems and solutions.

1. Your summer environment can affect the color of your hair, causing it to fade faster or fade.
o The sun can light slightly some natural colors, improve the golden tones and cause a slight scar.
o UV rays and chlorine can damage the pigment, eliminating color and causing discoloration and fleas
o Exposure to sun and sea salt increases pigments in hair, natural light and pale artificial light.
o Some people are more active in the summer, so they wash their hair with shampoo more often, which causes their color to fade faster.

The UV prevention product will help you control this, but there are also products available for home care that specifically help you block and maintain your vitality.

2. Summer brings rain, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve a dry dryness when it rains and there is a lot of humidity in the air. Applying the vacuum drying product will help create a smoother appearance. If your hair is normal, apply a straightening cream before drying. This will help keep the wave of fading and also help you straighten your hair more easily. Concentrate on drying the roots and tips of your hair. These are mainly the areas that receive the least attention and make hair loss soften quickly.
After drying, apply a small amount of silicone or moisture proof product to medium lengths, close them and keep them straight and soft.

3. One of the most common color problems encountered in the summer is that chlorine can change the color of blond hair. It can cause a chemical reaction that turns natural blondes and chemically enhanced into green.

To cure this at home, add a few drops of mercury to the water. Immerse the hair in the water and observe the color carefully. You will see a change in color as the red tint turns green. Rinse immediately. If you do not have a useful neuroglue, use tomato sauce. The dye in tomato sauce diverts the chemical reaction dye.

If nothing much, use the shampoo to topically eliminate the effects of chlorine completely on your hair. It can also help prevent hair from dying by reusing it with gel. Silicon and gel coat the hair and help prevent water from entering the skin, which reduces damage. The swimming cap provides the best protection if you swim a lot. Please write poetry by Jeaval Hair Salon, JHB.

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