Hair loss? Is it time to panic?

Causes of Hair Loss: Potential Medical Causes

One of the most common causes is illness and major surgeries. Such hair loss is temporary, once your body gets fixed, your hair will grow back at a normal speed. Ladies who have recently made their children will often feel that their hair is starting to escape. This happens as the body realigns itself after the birth of the child. Hormonal problems such as hyperthyroidism and hypofunction can also cause desynchronization of male androgens and female estrogen levels.

If you have recently started taking medication or changing the dose of a prescription drug, it could also result in the loss of your hole. In such cases, please consult your healthcare professional and emphasize this problem. Then you can adjust the type and dosage of the drug. From a health point of view, hair loss also occurs when you have certain types of infections. In children, this is usually caused by fungal infections that can be treated with antifungal medications. The little known fact is that diabetes can also cause your hair to fall.

When is hair loss caused by external influences?

The way you arrange your hair can affect hair loss. If tight hair is a common feature of your hair care or if you tend to pull it very hard in a ponytail or bread, your hair may fall a long time I do not think so Unfortunately, most people do not understand this from facts for many years. At that time, scalp lesions would have occurred, potentially limiting the ability of hair to grow in certain areas.

When you next visit a hair salon, think about how you define your own hair (and your scalp). Hot oil treatments are advertised as all of the ultimate treatments, but their long-term use can cause hair loss. For people interested in permanent staff known as permanent. Or recombination or relaxation, commonly called correction, these activities cause inflammation or swelling of the hair follicles and inevitably lead to hair loss.

Prevention of hair loss

Although we all lose hundreds of hair each day, the problem is not in what you lose, but if your scalp is comparable to your hair loss or if you can stretch the hair at a rate that improves. It is. Apart from medical reasons, the main reason is yourself. If you are not aware of the damage you can do to your hair and scalp and you do not take the necessary preventive measures, hair loss can not be avoided. The problem will be stalwarted.

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