How to choose a shampoo

Hair shampoos are abundant on the market today, there are many types, there are many claims. You can choose a shampoo base to suit your purpose, for example to fight against dandruff, reduce scalp oil or treat hair loss.

Hair loss can occur if you choose a bad shampoo. Different manufacturers have their own formulas. Some may feel satisfied with the feeling of freshness after using a shampoo, but others may have more hair loss after using the same shampoo.

If you find that it does not fit the shampoo, stop using it and change shampoo. People can arrive because they are sensitive to one of the ingredients of the shampoo

Here are some tips for choosing a shampoo.
1. You can wash your hair every day with a mild shampoo to keep the scalp clean and not irritate. We recommend the natural shampoo. It’s much better than washing your hair every two to three days with a powerful dandruff shampoo.

2. The anti-dandruff shampoo used for a long time causes drying of the scalp and causes the dry skin to fall as white particles. I was advised to do a natural shampoo and shampoo daily, and if you want to use an anti-dandruff shampoo, it should be done only twice a week during a normal shampoo. Remember that some natural shampoos also have a powerful extract. Usually, manufacturers tell us if the shampoo is mild enough to be used daily.

3. Advertisements of shampoo can be confusing. An inexpensive and expensive shampoo can be claimed with almost the same benefits. Pay attention to the ingredients in the shampoo container. The extract and the essence are very different! The extracts are made from natural resources, including active ingredients. They are (absolutely) more expensive and we can expect good results with natural extracts. The essence is exactly the same. I do not know if the essence will be the same as the extract. The more the shampoo contains extracts, the higher the price.

The shampoo is used to clean your hair. A conditioner is used to stick a thin layer to your hair. To maximize the effect, please use conditioners separately (not 2 in 1) for your hair, not the scalp. An improperly washed conditioner builds up in the scalp and causes itching.

The shampoo is the first step for a clean and healthy scalp. It is important to choose the best shampoo for each person.

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