African American hair texture and chemically treated shampoo and conditioner

Before we start, say “HAIR IS HAIR!” There is no special technique for any ethnic background. We need to retrain ourselves on how to take care of their hair. When browsing grocery stores and pharmacies, you’ll find a section on black hair care and a section on hair for everyone else. What do you mean? I have been a stylist for 34 years and I worked with all the textures of my hair. But I do not wear just two lines of products in my living room. I will customize my product – not according to race, nationality, age, but depending on hair condition, texture and previous chemicals.

So why is this article aimed mainly at women of color and their textured braids? Over the years, you have read and asked stylists, their families and friends who told them to take care of your hair. You should not cut your hair, but they will not grow twice a year and will not twist your child’s hair and will never let him brush his hair naturally. But all these techniques are “old school”. I’m here to tell you that “hair is hair” – what you need to do is just retrain yourself on how to care for it.

Shampoo and texture treatment of African American hair and chemically treated hair:

“Textured hair” and chemically treated hair tend to be porous and dry. A healthy texture and chemically treated hair begin with a proper shampoo and conditioner. When choosing a shampoo, please choose a low pH so that the hair cuticle (the outer layer of the hair) is not wavy.

For textured and chemically treated hair, the cuticle of the hair shaft tends to lift. This means that the hair can easily absorb moisture, but it also means that they easily lose moisture. By applying a chemical treatment to all the hair, such as color, perm, straightener, you can eliminate the natural moisture and proteins of the hair. If you know how to properly wash and style your hair, your hair will have its own silky touch, after styling hair with shine and straight hair – and it will last several weeks. There is.


You can be a client with a curly hair texture that only wash your hair once every 1 to 3 weeks, or once a month. I fully understand why this applies to some people. In many cases, it takes a lot of time and effort to wash, revitalize and style the hair, so we will not be able to leave this job as long as possible. For this reason, it is essential to wash your hair properly and completely. With this in mind, it may be necessary to wash your hair 3 to 4 times during a shampoo session to eliminate any amount of product or dirt that accumulates over time on the scalp. This may seem extreme, but consider this: if you do not shampoo before your hair is completely clean, they will not move and shine, and they will dry forever.

Let’s see the hint of my shampoo.

The first rinse is very important. Rinse and saturate your hair so that it is completely wet. I lightly rub the scalp while you rinse. You want to act as if you were relaxing.

When your hair is soaked, apply a shampoo on the scalp. Please focus on the scalp. Please scrape the scalp, operate and massage without tying your hair. Also, please do not add shampoo to the hair at this time. If your hair is well saturated, the bubbles should improve. If you do not get a good foam, please do not add extra shampoo. Add water and rub a little more. If the foam does not come out at this point, repeat this procedure over time and the bubbles will improve. It is very likely that the scalp does not foam because it was dirty.

After shampooing the scalp once or twice with a good foam. Rinse, rinse, then rinse further. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly, as it removes all that adheres to the scalp. Please remove the deposits firmly.

Why should I focus on eliminating hair buildup? Because the buildup in the hair can cause color irregularities, relaxer, permanent and can only absorb a little hair.

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