Best ways to prevent men hair fall


Falling hair for men is really a great problem. No one wants to become bald at the age of 30 or 40. But unfortunately, we can see many men become bald before 40. It is really inconvenient. People daily lose around 100 hair. But that is not what means by hair fall. If the limit exceeds by 100 per day, we call that hair fall.

If you are a man and suffering from hair fall, you are in the right place. I am the savior here. I will tell you exactly what you need to do to prevent your hair fall. Read the article until the end and I hope you will find a solution to your problem.


Take help from the medical expert

Whenever you see the problem, the first and main thing you need to do is to take help from a medical expert. The reason is that the medical expert spends his whole life to learn about hair fall. No one can no better than him about this problem.

So first of all, consult an expert. He will figure out what is the main reason behind your hair fall and then he will suggest to you what you need to do. He might suggest you avoid the reasons for which you are suffering from this problem. He might suggest you some medicine or herbal product in order to solve your problem. No matter what he suggests, he will suggest you the best solution, there is no doubt about it.


Check what you eat

Most of the men do not know this thing. Even most of the women do not know this as well. There is a great relationship between the hair fall and what we are eating. If we do not eat a proper diet and do not take proper nutrition, our hair will not enough nutrition and as a result, we will face hair fall problem. That means you need to check out what you are eating if you are facing this problem. And what can be the better person to know it than a nutritionist. So visit a nutritionist and figure out if you have a nutrition deficiency or not.


Avoid any kind of tight hair band

Though it is a style of female, there are some men who have long hair and use the band to keep the hair in control and for the style. But if you are a fan of tight hair band then I have bad news for you. You should not use it any more if you are facing hair fall problem. Research shows it that if you use the tight band for your hair, it creates a constant pulling that can lead your hair fall.


Avoid any kind of stress

Maybe you have an exam next month, or maybe you are having the problem in your relationship, or maybe you have a problem with your family right now, no matter what is the reason, if you are having stress, try to avoid it. A study shows that men face hair fall problem during stress.

In order to stay away from stress, you can do several things. You can do exercise on a regular basis, you can go for a tour, you can spend time with your friends, and if none of these work for, consult a psychiatrist. He or she will figure out the exact reason and solve your problem.


Stop taking alcohol and smoking

This is a very common thing among men. Even some stupid thing these are the sign of the man. Can you imagine how stupid they are! There are uncountable side effects of taking alcohol and smoking. But even if we just talk about the hair fall then we have to say that if you are suffering from hair fall, there is a chance that this is because of your alcohol taking and smoking. So stop taking alcohol and quit smoking today to save you from hair fall and other problem.


Do physical activity

Spare some time from your busy schedule in order to do physical activity. Physical inactivity leads you to hormonal disorder and that leads you to the hair fall problem. That is it is important for everyone to do physical activity. I know you have a busy schedule. But what can be more important than remaining healthy? There is nothing more important than it. And no one wants to lose hair, right? That is why try to make some time and do some physical activity. It can be walking, swimming, running with your dog in the park, playing with your kids or spending time in the gym. The thing is, do whatever you like to do, do and stop hair fall.



These are the main things you can do in order to prevent hair fall for men. There are some other things as well you can do such as changing the shampoo, conditioner, and oil, change in your lifestyle, washing your hair properly and many other things. We will discuss that later in other posts. You can check our other posts about hair fall where you can find out some amazing ways to prevent hair fall. So follow these steps I have mentioned above and prevent hair fall in order to look more attractive and hot.


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