Reduce your Hair fall with these 5 steps


    Are you looking for a solution to hair fall problem that can help you reduce your hair fall? If yes then I am here to help you. In this article, I am going to tell you how you can reduce the hair fall.

    Hair fall is a very common problem all around the world and a lot of people in the world are suffering from this problem. But the sad part is that when people search online about the solution to hair fall, they find the false solution that never works.

    That is why I will try to explain what hair fall is, I mean how can you understand you are suffering from hair fall, how can you reduce the hair fall and some additional tips in this article. So, continue reading the article.


    What is hair fall?

    Every person in the world loses around 100 hair per day. But we do not call that a hair fall problem. That is very common and everyone faces it. But when the number of hair fall every day exceeds the 100 number, it is called hair fall. Now think about it. Do you lose more than 100 hairs every day? If yes then you have hair fall problem.


    How to reduce hair fall?

    Well, it is a complicated thing. Why do I call it a complicated thing? Because different person faces this problem for different reasons. But there are some common reasons why people lose hair and I will try to explain those and at the same time, I will tell you the solution as well.


    Visit the doctor

    The first and the best thing you can do whenever you face hair fall problem is to consult a hair specialist doctor. The reason is simple. The doctor can understand what the main reasons are behind your hair fall and based on that she or he can give you a proper solution. He might tell you to change your lifestyle or food habit or he might suggest you oil or shampoo. Overall, what I am trying to say is that he will give you a perfect and effective solution to your problem.

    But if you do not want to go to the doctor and try yourself then you might do these things.


    Use different shampoo

    One thing you need to know here that not all the shampoos are for you. That means not every shampoo will be good and suitable for you. I will not tell the name but there are only a few brands that suit me and when I use other shampoos, that cause some problem in my hair.

    If you are suffering from hair fall and want to reduce your hair fall then you can change your shampoo. If your problem is because of shampoo, with changing the shampoo, your problem will be gone.

    Same goes to conditioner and oil. So try to use different oil and conditioner and see the result.


    Avoid any chemical treatment

    Many people are out there who take chemical treatment for hair fall. The thing is that most of the time these treatments do not work well and you will get a reverse result. That means instead of reducing the hair fall, it increases the hair fall. If you want to reduce the hair fall then you should avoid these kinds of chemical treatments.


    Keep your head free from sweat

    In summer, we face this problem. Our head often sweat. This is common and when it happens, it becomes one major cause of hair fall. In order to prevent and reduce this type of hair fall, you should keep your head free from sweat all the time. If your head gets sweat by any chance, try to clean it perfectly as soon as possible.


    Do physical activity

    This is a good point I want to mention here. Because most of the people think that there is no relation between hair fall and physical activity. But the truth is that there is a relationship. When you will not do proper physical activity, your hormonal balance will be damaged and that is how you will start losing your hair.

    In order to prevent these kinds of hair fall, what you need to do is to do physical activities. Many people think that physical activity means exercise. But let me tell you that physical activity means any kind of activity that will burn your calorie. So swim, walk, run, or do whatever you want to do. Just burn a calorie.



    These are the main things you can do if you want to reduce hair fall at home without going to the doctor. There are some other things as well. Such as, you should stay away from alcohol and smoking, you should take proper diet and many others. If after doing all of these, the hair fall does not reduce, you must visit the doctor. That will be the best way for you to reduce your hair fall. So be smart and follow these tips to reduce the hair fall.


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