Stop Your hair fall and grow new hair


One-third of the people in the world has suffered from hair fall or are suffering as well. And once hair falls, it does not regrow easily.

In general, we lose around a hundred hairs per day and those hair grow again as well. That is not a problem. The problem happens when either the hair fall rate is higher than that or the growth rate is lower than that.

Are you suffering from this problem? Do you want to stop your hair fall and want to grow new hair? If yes then read the article until the end.

In this article, I will try to explain how you can reduce or prevent the hair fall and at the same time grow new hair. So, without further talk, let’s get started.


Change the lifestyle

The first thing you need to do is to change your lifestyle. Maybe you are thinking that what the relation between the lifestyle and hair fall is. But the thing is that there is a relationship between these two. Just give me a couple of examples. If you are running out of proper nutrition because of your unhealthy diet plan, you might face hair fall. Along with that, if you do not do enough physical exercise regularly, your hormonal balance will be damaged and as a result, you will lose your hair and hair growth will not happen.

Another example can be the alcohol taking and smoking. If you drink alcohol and do smoking then you will suffer from many diseases including hair fall. Similarly, if you work 0on a dirty place where your hair gets dirty and you do not wash them properly. In that case, hair fall will be a common problem for you.

That means our lifestyle highly control our hair condition. That is why you need to change the lifestyle of yours. You should eat a proper diet, keep yourself hydrate all the time. You should do regular physical activity, you should keep your hair clean and wash them properly. Also, you should avoid all kind of alcohol and smoking. If you can change the lifestyle of yours and maintain a healthy lifestyle, chances are really high that you will be healthy and your hair fall will be reduced. And if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, your hair growth will start once again.


Look up your medication

The second thing you can check is the medication you are taking. If you have any diseases for which you need to take medications on a regular basis then there is a chance that you will suffer from hair fall problem. There are some side effects of every drug. So if the drug you are taking has any side effects related to hair fall then this can be an issue. In that case, you should visit your doctor and figure out if your medications are responsible for your hair fall or not. Also, it can be responsible for less hair growth as well. So check it and if possible, change the medications.


Schedule your meet up with experts

But the best thing you can do is to set up a meeting with a medical expert. Why I am saying it the best solution? Because experts are experts because they are experts on this matter. They know what the root of your problem is and what exactly you need to do to solve the problem. So set an appointment with an expert and figure out the root of the problem and based on that he or she will suggest the medication or other treatments. Trust me, the chance of that treatment become successful is more than any solution you will find on the internet.


Stop brushing wet hair

We often do this mistake. We brush our wet hair. We come from the shower, use our towel and brush our hair. We should not do that. if you often do that and complaining your hair is falling and not growing then at first stop brushing your wet and then check if the problem still exists or not.


Stay away from the chemical product

And lastly, stay away from any kind of chemical product. Any kind of color, gel, or other chemical products are really bad for your hair and these are the main reasons for hair fall. So if you are using these kinds of chemical products and suffering from hair fall then chances are high hat these products are responsible for your hair fall. So stop using this chemical. Maybe you can ask me that shampoo, conditioner is a chemical product as well. Yes, that is true. And that is why you should use those every day. You should use those only when your hair is dirty. And one thing, your shampoo can be the reason as well. So, you can change the shampoo as well to check the result.



If you follow these steps I have mentioned, I hope, your problem will be solved. But if you want to do more then you can use Onion Juice, Coconut Milk, and Green Tea in your hair on a regular basis to grow your hair. These are good for hair and some studies show that these oil work to grow hair. So along with the steps, I have mentioned, you can try these things as well for the better result. If you get benefited from this post and if these things work for you, thanks to me later.


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