The best ways to prevent hair fall for women


Hair shedding is a very common part of our daily life. Every day almost 80 hairs fall from our head and the same number of hairs grow as well. That means it is totally normal.

But the problem is when you lose more than that and that number of hair does not grow. We call them hair fall problem at that time. Among women, it is not rare actually. A lot of women complain about hair fall.

There are many reasons behind it and find out the exact reason is really difficult and sometimes, it is impossible. As a result, giving a perfect solution is not possible. Only a medical expert can give you the exact solution to this problem. But you can try something as well. If these things do not work, you can then go to the medical expert. Here are some best ways to prevent hair fall for women.


Avoid any kind of hairstyle or band that pull on your hair

Almost every woman uses a hair band. Maybe you don’t know that this is one of the major reasons for hair fall. The thing is that when you use hair band, it pulls on your hair and as a result, it will lead you to hair fall. In most of the cases, people having hair fall problem have lost hair. When they use hair band, it pulls those lose hair and hair fall happens.

So the best thing you can do is to avoid these kinds of bands, especially the tight ones. And if possible, avoid any kinds of bands. This will help you to reduce hair fall.


Take a healthy diet on a regular basis

I am pretty sure that most of the women do not know this fact. Even most of the men do not know it as well. Do you know that lack of proper nutrition can take you to the hair fall? If not then let me tell you that this is the most common and most important reason for hair fall.

When you do not take proper nutrition, your hair does not get proper nutrition and as a result, hair fall happens. That is why you need to ensure that you are taking proper diet. If you are not sure that you are taking proper diet or not then you should go to the nutritionist. They are the specialist about nutrition. So make an appointment with the nutritionist and find out if you have any nutrition deficiency or not. If you have any, make a diet chart with the help of the nutritionist and follow the chart.


Avoid any kind of chemical

We often use a chemical product. And when it comes to women, they use it even more. Actually, they use everything they can and want. And the number is not less at all. But for your kind information, I want to tell you that if you are using any kind of chemical product on your hair and suffering from hair fall then chances are high that you are facing this problem because of the chemical product.

Shampoo, conditioner, oil, color, and other chemical products are not good for the hair. Maybe you are thinking that shouldn’t you use shampoo to clean the hair, right? But the thing is that you should, but if you use it more than twice a week, that will damage your hair. So you should avoid any kind of chemical except shampoo and use shampoo twice a week. Not more than that.


Try new shampoo and conditioner

Another reason can be your conditioner and shampoo. Wait, this one is not similar to the previous one. I mean this is not because of using the shampoo or conditioner. It is about the type of shampoo and conditioner you use. That means not all types of shampoo and conditioner are good for you and not all are suitable for you.

The shampoo as well as a conditioner that does not suit you will cause the hair fall. Yes, it is true. That is why you should try something different by changing the brand and type of shampoo and conditioner. For example, if you are using anti-dandruff shampoo, you can change it to anti-hair fall shampoo. Or you can change the brand as well.


Don’t forget to use the necessary oils

And lastly, don’t forget to use the necessary well. You might be thinking that these are chemical products and you should not use that as I said. But the thing is that you should use natural oil like coconut oil, Canova oil, etc. these oils are good for hair and this might reduce your hair fall. So use these on a regular basis and I hope you will see the result.

There are some women out there who think that oils are not necessary for the hair which is the absolute myth and not true. It is necessary. There are some other types of women who consider using oil uncool. If you are one of those and suffering from hair fall problem then this is the time for you to change your thinking and use natural oils.



We all know that hair fall is an irritating and disgusting thing. No one wants to lose his or her hair. And since hair is the beauty of a woman, she should be careful about her hair so that she does not lose her hair. In order to prevent the hair fall, you should follow the steps or methods I have mentioned above. We do not want your hair fall. If none of these work, visit a medical expert as soon as possible. Best of luck.


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