Wash your hair properly hair without losing hair


    Hair loss is a very crucial problem in our day to day life. Often, this problem gets raised for washing hair in an inappropriate way. So the question is, are you noticing too much hair in your drainage while taking a shower? If yes, make sure you are washing your hair in a proper way. To keep our hair clean and healthy, almost every day we need to wash our hair. So if we don’t wash hair in the right way, it may hamper our hair instead of doing better. In this writing, I am going to inform you about some vital task we should maintain when we wash our hair. So let’s start,

    1. Before applying shampoo, wet your hair thoroughly

    Almost we all use shampoo while taking a bath or washing hair. Sometimes, we apply shampoo in dray hair and then take water and start rubbing. But it is absolutely a wrong task and it may hamper our hair. We should water first thoroughly in our scalp and hair before applying shampoo. If we apply water first, it will take less shampoo. So first water then put shampoo.

    1. Combine some water with shampoo before applying

    While putting shampoo, we should mix some water taking in the palm of our hand. We all know that shampoo is a chemical substance and if we put pure shampoo in one place, the skin of that place may be damaged. So it is better to dilute pure shampoo taking in our palm and mixing some water in it. It will make easy to spread the shampoo all over the scalp and also take less shampoo.

    1. Rub your scalp smoothly

    Sometimes we put extra pressure in the scalp while washing hair. Sometimes we get excited and become very cruel while massaging our scalp. We use our nails and think that there is too dust in our scalp so need to rub very strongly. The real thing is not like that. Rubbing harshly may damage the root of our hair and may be liable for hair loss.So we should put gentle pressure while massaging in the scalp. It will not hamper our scalp and will not damage the root of the hair. Smooth massage improves blood circulation of our scalp and makes it healthier. So take your time, be easy and massage smoothly.

    1. Use light warm (tepid) water to rinse hair

    It is better to use warm water (not hot) for washing the scalp. Light warm water will help to remove waste easily and help to moist the scalp. Warm water is also conducive for improving blood circulation flow. So you can use lukewarm water for washing hair and scalp, after completing the wash you can put some cool water.

    1. Choose the right shampoo

    As we use shampoo every time while washing hair. Choosing the right shampoo is very important. Your scalp may be oily, so you need to choose a suitable shampoo for oily skin. And for a dry scalp, you should choose an appropriate shampoo for dry skin. Without knowing your scalp type, you should not apply any special shampoo in the scalp. If a shampoo mismatches with your scalp, it will do harm rather than doing better.

    1. Never apply conditioner on the scalp directly

    After shampoo almost we all apply conditioner. It is better to know that conditioner is for hair only not for the scalp. If we apply conditioner in the scalp, it will make scalp more moisturized than it is naturally. So applying of conditioner should be from the mid of your hair to the end.

    1. Leave 5-7 minutes after applying conditioner

    Conditioner needs proper time to make conditioned of our hair. So, merely applying conditioner and washing it with water may not work properly. Keep five to seven minutes, after applying the conditioner, it will get proper time to do its job.

    1. Do not wash more and more

    Our scalp creates oil naturally and passes it through the hair up to the end. If we wash our hair with shampoo more and more, this process may be hampered. So we should not wash twice in a day with shampoo. And also we should not shampoo our hair daily. We should shampoo our hair thrice in a week.

    1. Don’t rub more for drying hair quickly

    After washing hair we need to dry hair. Generally, we use a towel to dry hair. Sometimes we harry and rub hair quickly and harshly. Strongly rubbing can damage our hair root and break hair. So drying hair we a soft towel and rubbing smoothly is very important.


    So these are the important tasks we should maintain while washing our hair.  If we maintain these ways, we can be able to reduce hair loss resulting from washing hair. So take care of your hair properly and get healthy and shiny hair.


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